The Best Dog Groomers Ballina Has to Offer

If you’re searching for the best Dog Groomers Ballina has to offer, look no further--Totally Groomy Mobile Dog Grooming is here. Not only do we offer high-quality dog grooming services, but we bring our groomers directly to you--instead of making you bring your pup to us.


Taking your dog to the groomers can be a major ordeal. So, why should you have to deal with that? Not only is it difficult to struggle with getting your dog in and out of the car, but you’ll have to face bringing your dog in front of other pets too. Instead, we have our groomers bring their equipment directly to your home.


Your pet will be comfortable in his or her own environment. Once the grooming process is done your dog can relax and take a name in his or her bed. That is just one reason we are the best dog groomers Ballina has to offer!

Why Use Our Mobile Dog Wash Lismore

There are many benefits to using Totally Groomy mobile dog wash Lismore--we’ve put together just a few of the best reasons.

  • You can save time - You don’t have to spend time driving to and from the grooming parlour--the groomer comes to you.

  • Your pet will be happier - You won’t have to put him in the car. He gets to be in his happy place.

  • You don’t have to worry about other animals - Other animals can have diseases or have bad tempers. You won’t have to worry about being around other animals when you use a mobile dog wash Lismore.

  • It’s convenient - All you have to do is book ahead. The groomer arrives when you want him or her to do so.

  • It is more affordable than you think - In many cases it is no more expensive to use a mobile dog wash than it is to use any other dog groomer.

  • All services are available - You can get all of the same services from a mobile service than you can with a regular dog groomer.

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