Getting Your Dog Ready for the Local Dog Groomers

So, you’ve made an appointment for your dog with the local dog groomers? What should you do to prepare your pup? It doesn’t take that much work or preparation actually!


Your groomer will do much of the difficult work such as bathing and brushing your dog before he or she clips the canine and makes your pet pretty. If your puppy has extensive matting you may want to spend a little time working on some of these to make the job go a little faster.


In addition, if your dog has never been to the groomer before, working on a little brushing ahead of time may make your pet feel a little more comfortable with the process. In the moments before grooming is imminent, make sure you take your pet to the restroom and make sure they have a bit of water, so they don’t get too thirsty during the process.

What Do Dog Groomers Do?

Dog groomers are a type of professional that offer a specific service for your pet. If you have never hired a dog groomer before you may wonder exactly what a dog groomer does. Let us cover a few of the basic services you can expect a dog groomer to do.

  • Wash - A dog wash can help your pet smell fresh and clean. If your pet has been playing outdoors he may be covered in dirt and dust or smell bad. Another issue could be that your dog has fleas. A good wash with dog groomers can resolve this.

  • Clip - Your dog will look so much better when he or she has been professionally cut. A trim can help him or her feel much better and keep the hair out of the eyes. Additionally, a full shave is the best way to keep your pet cool in summer.

  • Brush - Brushing out a pet’s fur keeps it free of tangles.

  • Nail Clip - Let our dog groomers clip your pet’s nails so they don’t scratch you or scratch your floors. 

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