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3 Things You May Not Know About Dog Grooming Services

According to a survey by the Australian RSPCA, 38% of households have a pet dog. If you find yourself in this category of the population, you may have used dog grooming services before. However, have you ever thought of what happens while your pet experiences their grooming session?

It is not as noisy as You May Imagine

When you think of mobile dog grooming, you may imagine the sounds of engines, running water, hair dryers, and barking dogs. However, this is far from the case. When you use this service, your dog will be the only pet being groomed, meaning it is a rather quiet affair.

This silence means the setting that your pet is being groomed in will be calm and quiet. This is excellent for dogs of a nervous disposition as it does not cause them as much stress as conventional dog grooming services.

You Need to Be an Expert at Getting Pets to Trust You

When you work with canines daily, you learn how to handle them properly. This is a skill that is difficult to learn. When you take your beloved pet to be groomed, you have the assurance that the groomer will try their best to earn the trust of your pet which makes handling during the grooming process significantly easier.

Handing your pet over to someone who knows how to control them without resorting to drastic measures, gives you the assurance that your dog will be calm as they go through the process. This could help to prevent injuries and anxiety as they will not be trying to escape their situation. Most people feel much better about entrusting their pets to capable groomers.

Grooming Could Save Your Pet’s Life

As your pet is being groomed, the groomer will use their knowledge of canine anatomy to assess your best friend’s health. Not only will the groomers from your mobile dog grooming service keep a lookout for parasites like ticks, fleas, and ringworm, but they will also keep an eye out for any irregularities on your dog's body.

If any abnormal lumps or bumps are spotted on your pet's body, the groomer will inform you and advise you to take your pet to the vet. Other signs that groomers look out for include abnormal aggression or distress during the process which may also indicate that something is wrong with your pet.

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