Mobile Dog Grooming - A Convenient Choice

If you have dogs, you are probably looking for a few ways to reduce your workload and save a bit of time. After all between walks, feeding and other pet care chores, time can get away from you. One of the smartest ways to save time as a pet owner is to choose mobile dog grooming. Imagine, having a dog groomer come directly to your home instead of having to pack your puppy up and take him to the groomers. Mobile dog grooming truly is the convenient choice.


Just like a grooming salon, Totally Groomy mobile groomers are professionals who have been trained and worked extensively to perfect their craft. You can rest assured that your dog will be clean and have the perfect haircut--you just won’t have to deal with the hassles of the car ride. Here in Corndale, New South Wales, Totally Groomy brings the grooming service directly to you and your dogs. Relax--your dogs are in good hands!

Common Dog Grooming Services

What are some of the most common dog grooming services you can expect from a groomer in New South Wales, Australia? Here are a few you may want to think about looking at for your pet.

  • Bathing - This includes shampooing and possibly fur conditioning to keep your pet’s fur looking silky smooth and smelling fresh and clean.

  • Brushing - Fur that is brushed out will not be matted up and will be more comfortable for the pet too.

  • Trimming - This involves tidying up areas of your dog, such as around the face or possibly a hygiene clip to tidy up around the bottom.

  • Full and Partial Shaves - A full or partial shave may be a good choice for many dogs who need to stay cooler in summer, and prevent matting.

  • Nail Trims - Trimming your pups nails will keep them from scratching the floor. A nail trim can be one of the best services you choose for your dog.

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